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Products shown on this page are limited in quantity.  Many are one of a kind orchids.  We won't have room for many of these when the weather changes and they will need to go back in the greenhouse after summering outdoors.  They are priced right to sell fast.  

Terrestrials orchids from India to SE Asia to Japan. Many hybrids easy to grow and long lasting flowers Sept-May 
One of the largest genera of Orchids (family Orchidaceae : subfamily Epidendreae)is Dendrobium. We include care information to help you grow members of this diverse group.  
Epidendrum / Encyclia / Prosthechea
Includes the genera Barkeria, Nanodes, and Prosthechea. A lot of name changes have happened here.
Fragrant / Odiferous
Various plants nted for strong fragrance
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 Use this category to pay for plants that you have ordered by phone.  You must call us first to use this option.
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'Orchids from Around the World'

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