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72 Hour Heat Pack

Consider adding more 72 hr heat packs if your order is 4 or more plants.

Angraecum / Aerangis

Includes the genera Aerangis, Aeranthes, Diaphananthe, Eurychone, Jumellea, Oeonia, Rangaeris, and Sobennikoffia.  

Bulbophyllum & Related

Bulbophyllum is probably the largest single genus in the family Orchidaceae. Includes the genera Drymoda,  Monomeria, and Trias.

Catesetum / Cycnoches / Fredclarkara

deciduous in the winter.

Cattleya Alliance Hybrids
Corsage orchids. Flowers last for a month or longer and are usually highly fragrant. Can bloom 2-3 times a year if grown under lights or with the correct light levels.
Cattleya Hybrids Standards

Cattleya Hybrids- Plants in this section include the large flowered heirloom heritage cattelya types.  These plants will evenually get large but the flower display will be magnificient.  Included here are the corsage orchids that were popular in the 1900's - 1950's.  they tend to bloom once a year with large 6-10 inch diameter flowers with 'heady' aromas. These cattleya are known as the 'Queens' of the orchid world.  They are worth the space if you love orchids!

Cattleya/Laelia Mini

Plants at maturity are 6 inch to 10 inches tall.. The hybrids tend to bloom 2x a year and are great for under lights culture.

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