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Clowesetum Black Jade (Clowesia russelliana x Catasetum expansum)
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(Clowesia russelliana x Catasetum expansum)

Plants are near flowering size to flowering size seedlings in 3" pots.

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Expect pseudobulbs to grow 6” – 10” and to be topped by 3-5 arching 10” – 12” long papery textured leaves. With leaves plants will be 15” – 20” tall.  Plants are decidedly deciduous late fall through early spring. Each growth can produce 1-3 inflorescences. Inflorescences are 8” – 14” long and pendant to arching. Each can carry 6-15 flowers each. Individual flowers are 2” – 2½” across. Sepals and petals are light bottle green with darker veins. The labellum is bottle green with a lighter base and a golden-yellow callus and throat. This is a hybrid with Clowesia and as a result the hybrid will not have the typical paradioecious nature of pure Catasetum in which the plant produces either male or female flowers which are very different.

Plants will grow well with Cattleya but will do MUCH better with stronger light. Plants are distinctly deciduous and REQUIRE a dry bright rest period. While in active growth plants enjoy copious warmth and moisture. Permit the plants to dry slightly between watering. When growths mature in late summer slow watering.  The leaves will begin to yellow and will eventually fall. Only water enough to keep the pseudobulbs from shriveling. When the leaves have fallen and the leaf sheathes are dry it is a good practice to gently pull the brown or silvery sheaths off the pseudobulbs. This permits the pseudobulbs to continue photosynthesis and also removes any hiding places that insects may hide. In spring begin watering normally ONLY when growths are 1” – 4” tall and have roots 2” – 3” long.

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I am totally astonished by the incredible quality of the plants you shipped and the amazingly great and secure packing job you did. I am totally blown away- I never in my life received plants in such incredible condition. You made my day!
Mary L.

The Plants arrived in perfect condition and, as in the past, they exceed expectation. 
Addy A.

Just wanted to take the time to say thank you for allowing me to visit your greenhouse today. Your staff was over the top in knowledge and politness. I hope to return in the future- Cheers, Verne.

Thanks so much for putting together such a bomb ass company and for sharing such awesome specimens for the rest of us to geek out at. Cheers!  A very delighted gardner.
Dax Bennett @dax_dale

Nice size orchid that looks happy and healthy.  Delighted with my order.
Judy F.

Den. gonzalesii. Packaging was good.  Delighted with my order/
Judy F.

Customer service was fantastic! Shipping super fast and packaged beautifully.  ...a great experience.
Jonathan G.

The Phalaenopsis heiroglypica is lovely and arrived in perfect condition.  I appreciate the fact that its already in spike.  Please update me when the darker variety comes in so I can order it while it is in stock-- Addy A.   Maine

The orchid arrived quickly & well protected in it's package for the ride to my house. I appreciate the affordability of your company and am excited to be able to purchase exotic orchids not available in flower shops and other stores in my city. This is my 2nd Catt, & compared to my 1st purchased at another online site, I can see that ordering from Marlow's Orchids was a sure bet! My orchid's root system & foliage is the picture of health! Thank you Marlow's Orchids, youve got yourselves a fan- Andrea L.

I ordered an orchid for my father and called to make sure it could ship in winter weather ok.  I was very reassured and the orchid arrived in perfect condition on a cold December day.  The heat pack was still warm. This has been a great experience, beginning to end.  Martha

???Thanks for the great service. The orchid was extremely well packed and arrived unscathed.  I look forward to visiting your greenhouses sometime this winter.
Joe Maddi

I received the orchids today, all in really good condition. They were packaged great. I will definetly be a repeat customer. Thanks for the fast delivery.
John McMannus lll

???Beyond delighted with my latest addition! Gorgeous, healthy plant in bloom with a heavenly fragrance. A BIG thank you to Jim Marlow for always providing quality orchids!   Judith A.???

My experience at Marlow Orchids has been nothing short of excellent.  Jim has taken more than enough time to help me pick out orchids that are best suited for my environment, and is extremely knowledgable, and helpful. I recommend Marlow Orchids to anyone looking to start or add to a collection Jonathan Jones

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