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 Starting April 1, 2011 we no longer charge for packing for orders greater than $100.  Shipping charge still applies and is charged at price set by US Postal for packages sized appropriate to plant size.  U.S.A. Shipping Only 

Includes the genera Aerangis, Aeranthes, Diaphananthe, Eurychone, Jumellea, Oeonia, Rangaeris, and Sobennikoffia.

Bulbophyllum & Related

Bulbophyllum is probably the largest single genus in the family Orchidaceae. Includes the genera Drymoda,  Monomeria, and Trias.

Cattleya/Laelia Alliance
Corsage orchids. Flowers last for a month or longer and are usually highly fragrant. Can bloom 2-3 times a year if grown under lights or with the correct light levels.
Terrestrials orchids from India to SE Asia to Japan. Many hybrids easy to grow and long lasting flowers Sept-May 
One of the largest genera of Orchids (family Orchidaceae : subfamily Epidendreae)is Dendrobium. We include care information to help you grow members of this diverse group.  
Includes the genera Barkeria, Nanodes, and Prosthechea. A lot of name changes have happened here.
Generic Order
 Use this category to pay for plants that you have ordered by phone.  You must call us first to use this option.
Jewel Orchids
Grown more for the patterned leaves than the flowers.  Many of these types are easy to grow in lower light conditions. 
Lycaste/Maxillaria & related
Plants related to Lycaste and Maxillaria. Includes the genera Anguloa (Angulocaste), Mormolyca, Scuticaria, and Trigonidium
Masdevallia and Pleurothalids
Plants included in Masdevallia, Pleurothalis, Stelis, etc.
 Plants are generally less than 8" tall and have flowers that are 1.5-3+ inches across.  Great for under lights or on bright windowsill.  They tend to bloom 2 x a year.
Native Orchids-Cyps
Native North American lady slipper orchids also known as Moccasin flowers.   
New Plants
New plants arrive monthly
Orchiata Bark
The best bark for orchids.  Resists decay and is pH stabilitzed to 5.5-6.5 which is considered the best pH for growing orchids. 
Paph Multifloral
Paphiopedilum species and hybrids with large flowers. Depending on the species or hybrid will produce 3 - 14+ flowers.
Paph Parvi /Brachy
Paphiopedilum species and hybrids that produce compact plants and beautifully mottle foliage. Flowers are large round and often of heavy substance.
Paphiopedilum Novelty
Various hybrid that do not fit into the other categories. These include hybrids for section Barbata "Maudiae hybrids" and those from section Paphiopedilum "Standard hybrids".
One of the easies of all orchids to rebloom and flowers can last for months. 
Phragmipedium species and hybrids. Plants like to be watered often. They can sit in saucers of water or watered every day to promote growth and bloom. Low fertilizer requirements.
This category contains species of all genera. 
Includes genera related to Vanda. 
Vigorous New Divisions
Plants that beome too large to sell often get divided into smaller pieces. 
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