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Bulbophyllum medusae

 Plants are flowering size, 6-10 growths in 5" bulb pans and growing in AAA sphagnum moss.

 6/14-- Stock is low- please inquire before ordering!


A member of section Demosanthes.  This species is widespread through out S.E. Asia, being found in peninsular Thailand, Malaya, Malasia, Borneo, the Indonesian islands of Sumatra and Bangka, and the Lesser Sunda Islands. Growths are produced on scrambling rhizomes.  Each growth is 6" - 9" tall.  Growths are produced 1" - 2" apart. Basal inflorescences are 6" - 8" long.  Each inflorescence will produce a large apical cluster of 6-15 flowers (mop-headed). Each cluster will measure 8" - 10" and the flowers will droop slightly at the tip.  Individual flowers are 5" - 6" long.  Flowers are white to cream.  Plants are easy to grow and can flower twice a year.  Mature plants can flower in spring and again in Fall. Plants prefer to NOT be disturbed.  Easily grown with Phalaenopsis.  Prefers good air circulation.

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