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Dendrobium Sale

These species orchids are the best that can found anywhere in this country, and we are proud to bring these species orchids to you for purchase. You can always tell an orchid species by the lower-case first letter of the orchid's name, and we here at Marlow's Orchids always strive to sell only the finest examples of species orchids.

         Den. auriculatum


 Den. crocatum


         Den. chrysotoxum 

         Den. draconisz

         Den. faciferum

         Den. heterocarpum

         Den. findleyanum var. oculatum


 Den. goldschmidtianum

 Den. nemorale


 Den. platycaulon


 Den. pulcherrima

         Den. pendulum

           Den. sanderae var. Luzon

 Den. trantuanii

 Den. trigonopus

 Den. victoria-reginae

About the taxonomic descriptions on
this website.

Tim Choltco  researches and writes the taxonomic descriptions on this web site.  Tim attended Penn State University where he majored in plant biology specializing in taxonomy.  Tim is a life-long plantsman and a breeder of Daylilies as well as 'at-risk' Native American wild-flowers. He's an active member of Pittsburgh Orchid Society and has grown orchids for over 30 years. 

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The why and therefore of those confusing orchid names

Nancy Kline  talks about her resurrected Lycaste
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